Due to the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the protection of the health and safety of South Carolinians, Center for Child and Family Studies staff members are working remotely. The best way to reach us is by email.

In a virtual event, Center staff commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Center staff gathered virtually to create pinwheels--determined to move forward with a planned event to raise awareness of child abuse prevention. Laughter and whimsy, symbolized by the pinwheel itself, were evident as staff gathered with their families for the craft and connected remotely with their coworkers.

The event was originally planned as a potluck breakfast to commemorate April as Child Abuse Prevention Month by planting traditional blue and silver pinwheels outside the Center’s building in coordination with Prevent Child Abuse America and other child-serving organizations. Mandates to work from home posed a challenge, but rather than cancel, Center staff got creative. Using materials around the house, Center Director Carl Maas led staff through the craft, and pinwheels were planted across the city—in front lawns, gardens, and hanging baskets.


Ginger Cassell, one of the event’s organizers, captured the fun in a slideshow. (see slideshow below)

With shelter-in-place mandates and the stress of financial uncertainty, Cassell says, “The timing of Child Abuse Prevention Month is particularly poignant this year.” Isolated from teachers and other community members, children are especially vulnerable. In times like these, taking steps to prevent child abuse is more important than ever. Find out how you can help: https://preventchildabuse.org/yesyou/