tellyThe Center has earned another Telly Award, thanks to a remarkable collaboration in the Instructional Design and Production team between graphic designer Jenn Weyer and instructional designer and writer Claire Houle. This particular Telly, a bronze in the “Use of Graphics” category, was awarded for “Trauma and the Brain,” an animated video featured in 2018’s Corrections Mental Health project.

The award-winning video provides a close-up look at how trauma affects the body and the brain in particular. Weyer attributes the video’s success to its multi-sensory impact. While graphics were the focus of the award, Weyer believes the graphics, narration, and sound effects all combined to create a powerful experience for the audience. “Our job,” she says, “is to use those different outlets—audio and visual, in this case—to connect with people on a deeper level.” Houle agrees, noting that while it wasn’t easy getting the narration right, “we knew that if we did it the right way, it would affect people deeply, and they would want to make some positive changes in response to it.”

The Telly Awards “honor excellence in video and television across all screens.” Presented annually, these awards represent a high standard of achievement for any creative organization, and the Center is thrilled to add another statue to its growing collection.

The Center is proud of Weyer and Houle, and we look forward to designing and producing other outstanding, effective solutions for agencies in the near future.