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TuesdayPortraitHandonHip 0199Center trainers and trainees convened at the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation (SCVR) headquarters in April to build on the foundations laid in Level 1 of the Training of Trainers (TOT). Where Level 1 focused on training fundamentals, Level 2 focused on issues surrounding teamwork and group performance, like co-facilitation and Tuckman’s Model, a framework for understanding how groups grow, evolve, and ultimately perform at higher levels.

Adult Protective Services trainer Zandarr Spry said Level 2 stretched him and helped him grow as a trainer, especially when it came to working within a team, which necessarily brings with it a certain level of unpredictability. “It’s a challenge when things suddenly switch up,” he said. “You can be working on a project and have your objectives and goals planned out, and then all of a sudden some new information comes in—or a new teammate comes in—and you have to be able to rework your ideas at the last minute.”

The social aspect of training Spry spoke to also extends to working with trainees. Tuesday Duckett, a lead Medicaid trainer, said the TOT helped her better understand the importance of not taking poor audience response personally. “When we’re training,” she said, “people have other issues they’re coming in with, so we can’t take everything that happens—or doesn’t happen—in training personally. That was helpful to keep in mind.”

SCVR Business Development Specialist Robert Truesdale also took part in the TOT. He was so impressed with the training, he put the new knowledge and skills to work at once. “I had to lead a portion of training for my agency,” he said, “and found myself applying what I learned into my presentation.” The Center looks forward to receiving similar feedback as trainers deliver the TOT to other agencies in the near future.

Pictured above: Tuesday Duckett, Lead Medicaid Trainer and participant in TOT Level 2