Sylvia PNA 9797The Center’s Quality Assurance (QA) team is developing an extensive new onboarding process that adds value to the Center and exemplifies the height of professionalism. While QA staff continue to refine their inter-rater reliability (IRR) skills, program manager Traci Gilden and program coordinator Sylvia Flint are developing a new competency manual, which further enhances QA’s onboarding and IRR efforts.

More than a method of reaching consensus on case reviews, IRR helps reviewers hone their critical thinking skills and forge bonds of trust and mutual understanding with fellow staff members. QA senior program manager Brenda Amedee says, “Inter-rater reliability is one of the best opportunities to learn on the job and not be judged on how you come down on a rating. It’s an opportunity for growth for everyone, from staff and reviewers, to managers. Everybody participates in this process.” Read more about IRR—and the 2018 NASW symposium where Center faculty and staff presented on the topic—here .

The competency manual Gilden and Flint are developing includes QA-related activities that engage prospects and hired staff at various stages of the onboarding timeline: pre-hire, pre-training, after training, at three months, at six months, and annually. Like IRR, Gilden says, the competency manual “helps us drill down and keeps us reliable in the work we do.”

QA’s recent initiatives offer the Center the promise of professional growth and future opportunities to share our knowledge and skills with other agencies.