CINDY LOGO IP V6The Center has been honored with a gold CINDY Award for a video created as part of our partnership with Global Core Strategies and Consulting. The Instructional Design and Production team’s work included custom video and stills, all made in-house, and visible on the company’s website. Global Core has been a faithful partner to the Center in working toward our vision of safe children, healthy families and connected communities. Read more about Global Core and the materials we made here.

The CINDY Awards are given for exceptional non-entertainment media and include categories for business, education, and documentary media. CINDY is an acronym for “Cinema in Industry” and originated as an industrial film competition. CINDY Awards are presented to those who have produced programming that “achieves the highest levels of excellence in production value and message effectiveness,” as the organization defines it. The Center is proud to have received this award.

The Center has often designed solutions to promote community initiatives through SCDSS; sharing important information about programs and community partners is a way we help strengthen local communities.