GC Web Ron and Mike Candid Courtyard copyCommunity partnerships with those who share our values are vital to the Center. Michael Perry and Ron Harvey of Global Core Strategies and Consulting are fellow travelers in our mission to build leadership capacity in those who serve children and families.

In the spring of 2016, the Center invited outstanding community leadership experts to help support DSS during a gold-standard training for middle managers from the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute. Perry and Harvey, who specialize in developing sustainably inclusive business cultures, were present as coaches for the Leadership Academy for Middle Managers. They worked with the DSS middle managers on Change Initiatives to improve participants’ offices from within.
Since then, the Center and Global Core have enjoyed working together, helping each other to better fulfill each’s mission and vision.

Through coaching and group facilitation, Perry and Harvey have supported the Center through a transformative time of re-branding and the creation of a new vision. In turn, the Center has helped the company tell its story with dynamic video and custom images for their website. Perry says, “We were amazed at the quality of the work and the thoroughness of the process. The process began with a discussion as the Center took great care in understanding our company, capabilities, and objectives. The Center was capable of taking our entire project from concept to final product—in-house. They handled writing, graphics, video, make-up, photography, and more. The level of expertise demonstrated and care taken by the Center was nothing short of extraordinary. The final product was stunning. Professional, clean, and timeless.”

Beck Sullivan, the program manager who oversaw the video production, says, “It’s always great to work with people as committed to the community’s success the way that Ron and Mike are. They have a different, complementary set of skills to offer community leadership. It’s wonderful to partner with them and we look forward to future projects together.”

Perry feels the same way: “We think we have an amazing partnership with the Center. They are easily accessible, responsive, patient. Each and every individual at the Center is a joy to know and work with. They take the guess work and the stress out of a daunting and complex process. The Center will be a partner of ours for years to come!”

Pictured: Ron Harvey and Michael Perry, Global Core Strategies and Consulting