Rebecca Carney White Bkgd 5 x7The Center is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Rebecca Carney to the position of Quality Assurance (QA) program manager and Out of Home Abuse and Neglect (OHAN) QA supervisor. Carney is an experienced leader, a certified grant writer, and a Licensed Master Social Worker, making her one of the most dynamic and highly skilled new hires at the Center. Preceded by her excellent reputation in the Child Welfare community, Carney’s arrival represents a promise to increase the Center’s already growing capacity to fulfill its mission in South Carolina and beyond.

One of the biggest assets Carney brings with her is her grant writing experience, which has centered on foundational grants to support evidence-based programs. She received her grant writing certification in 2005 from the National Grant Writers Association, in cooperation with Research Associates, when she was working at the non-profit Children Unlimited, Inc.

Carney also has 20 years of management experience, serving in leadership roles and providing support in the areas of foster care, adoption, independent living, and community-based prevention services. She has also implemented group-setting prevention services like the Strengthening Families Program.

Carney is excited to be a part of the Center, whose values are closely aligned with her own. She says her goal is “to further contribute based on my non-profit experience in an effort to expand and diversify our opportunities to work with other organizations.”

QA’s Senior Program Manager Brenda Amedee has great confidence in Carney. She says there were many excellent applicants for the job, but ultimately Carney was beyond qualified, possessing a vast range of skills and experience that make her well suited to a job that requires flexibility and capacity-building vision.

“Having someone we could bring on board with this knowledge and expertise, not just for QA but for the entire Center, was good,” Amedee says. “This wasn’t just about hiring a QA manager; it was about doing what was best for the Center.”