APSWomanWheelchairBed 9221Vulnerable adults in South Carolina will be better served as a result of a grant the Center wrote in collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS). Because of its close partnership with the Center, the Adult Advocacy Division at DSS asked the Center for assistance in writing a grant proposal. DSS has been awarded the Victims of Crime Act funds to increase its capacity to serve vulnerable adults across the state.

Center staff worked closely with DSS to identify program service needs, including specialized intake practitioners to take reports about the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults. The Center’s statistician used data from the past two years to project the number of reports that will be made over the next several years. In addition, Center staff developed the objectives and evaluation measures, worked collaboratively with DSS to draft the proposal, and coordinated the various parties needed to put the final proposal together.

“The Adult Advocacy Division at DSS is pleased to partner with The Center,” said Kelly Cordell, Director of the Adult Advocacy Division and a graduate of USC’s College of Social Work master’s program. “The assistance we received in writing the VOCA grant was invaluable.” With the awarded funds, DSS will be piloting a new program that brings together a vulnerable adult’s relatives and others in their support network to develop long-term plans to support the individual.

The funds will also allow DSS to hire more intake practitioners who specialize in adult protective services as well as a Victim Advocate who will work as a liaison between APS and local law enforcement.

“We’re proud that we were able to help DSS with this project to enhance support for vulnerable adults in the state,” said Courtney Foxe, the Center’s Training Program Manager for Adult Advocacy, who led the Center staff to success.