Janel Marvita 0228Center staff members continue to sharpen their skills and enhance the Center’s capacity for excellence. Leadership Project Manager Marvita Franklin has earned a distinguished Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and is using her skills to improve the Center’s management tools and processes. Quality Assurance (QA) Program Manager Janel Mitnaul has completed two case review trainings and helped conduct Colorado’s Child and Family Services Review (CFSR). QA reviewers Natrisha Starr, Traci Gilden, LaTonya Patterson, and Kellena Nelson completed case review trainings in early January.

Marvita’s PMP certification is the “gold standard” of its kind. Her experience in this program has helped her on various Center projects, including the Placement Needs Assessment, a vast research project that involved multiple staff and many moving parts. Marvita has the professional skills needed to assist other organizations with the management of staff and projects as well. “By having the tools and the protocols available to us,” she says, “we have a starting point that allows us to be more responsive to our clients.”

Janel has now completed two case review trainings with JBS International, one on first-level internal reviews and the other on second-level external reviews. Janel was invited by JBS to help conduct Colorado’s CFSR. She learned a lot from the experience, but one of the most critical takeaways was the realization that her fellow QA reviewers are among the best in the country―since they do these reviews every week. “The biggest thing,” she says, “was the confidence that I could bring back to our staff, to say, ‘We’re doing this right.’”

Inspired by this confidence, Janel’s colleagues Natrisha, Traci, LaTonya, and Kellena completed the review training earlier this year. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our QA team, the Center now has an in-house second-tier level of reviewers—comparable to federal reviewers that states hire. As this group learns more about the federal reviews, they help us refine our state review to more closely mirror the federal process. We have the capacity to help other child welfare systems with QA. We can also adapt our processes and technical skills to meet the needs of other state agencies.

We’re proud of these staff and look forward to seeing how their expertise will shape Center projects in the future.

Pictured: Marvita Franklin (standing), who earned her Project Management Professional certification, and Janel Mitnaul (seated), who is a federal CFSR reviewer, second-tier state-level reviewer, and program manager for the Center.