LMS Portrait 0022Some of the Center’s online trainings for DSS are leaving the nest! The Center has been hosting most of DSS’s online learning courses and components in our Learning Management System (LMS) for years. But DSS has recently launched its own brand-new, in-house LMS. The Center has been right alongside for consulting and support as DSS selected the LMS, and we’re now working hand-in-glove as DSS adds Center-created content to their new system.

The DSS LMS is a central hub for online training and reports. Michael Palmer, DSS LMS Administrator, is happy with what the new LMS will bring to DSS. “I’m really pleased with the new LMS and its integration with eLearning is great,” he says. “Staff and supervisors can use the LMS for many trainings and reports and all of their data will be one place.”

The first course to be transferred from the Center’s LMS to DSS’s is the updated, agency-wide compliance training on Civil Rights (Part I and Part II). Civil Rights has been a mandatory agency-wide course for decades but 2017 saw a big refresh of the content. The Center shot the two-part video locally and with a broad array of local talent. The Center has made the course engaging and informative to emphasize the importance of compliance and to correct any misperceptions staff may have about their responsibilities. Now, DSS staff can access the training on their own system and handle rollout in-house.

Palmer says the partnership between the Center and DSS has been smooth and easy: “We’ve worked hand-in-hand together; there’s been good work between the two components.” Center staff from our Instructional Design and Production team who specialize in LMS administration have consulted along the way and facilitated the creation of documents to help course creation in the DSS LMS be as efficient and accurate as possible.

This is the beginning of a new partnership of LMS consulting and cooperation between the Center and a long-term client. We look forward to helping DSS maximize the effectiveness of their training and tracking tool.

Pictured: Brittany Rice (seated) and Lisa Stuchell from the Center’s Instructional Design & Production team