DHHS Team Candid 9854The Center is proud to announce a new partnership with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Center is in the first phase of a multi-year partnership to train Medicaid staff for DHHS. The first step, happening now, is taking over the two-day Medicaid Orientation training. This foundational training introduces Medicaid eligibility workers to the various Medicaid programs and the different computer systems they will be using. In the future, the Center will take over multi-week trainings designed to equip workers with the skills and policy knowledge needed for assisting applicants with eligibility determination for the appropriate Medicaid program. This partnership signals a new direction of the Center’s mission: supporting the health care needs of children and families.

Medicaid is important to South Carolinians. In 2016, more than a fifth of South Carolina’s 4.8 million residents received Medicaid benefits, according to Medicaid Policy Research at the USC Institute for Families in Society. That’s a lot of people needing support and guidance about their coverage so they can receive routine and urgent care.

To best fulfill our partner’s needs, the Center will bring its diverse array of teams to the DHSS project. Center writers will adapt and update curricula to make them as current, informative, and engaging as possible. Center production staff will create media elements that are fresh and thought-provoking. Center trainers will bring the new curriculum to life, equipping DHHS staff to will take their knowledge into our communities.
Program Manager James Randolph is invigorated by the new challenges and possibilities in the partnership: “We’ve worked to find a way to serve DHHS as part of our mission and both DHHS and Center staff are excited about this new partnership. Our two organizations have a lot in common: we want to improve lives.”

The connection between DHHS and the Center was forged by the Center’s longtime partner, the SC Department of Social services. Randolph finds this deeply satisfying: “Our long-time client DSS recommended our services to DHHS. That feels pretty good, to know that we’ve served a client so well that they saw we could benefit others,” he says.

The Center is ready to move into the future with a new partner and new ways to fulfill our mission.

Pictured: New Medicaid trainers Kendra Pickett (seated),Ebony Ligon, and Tuesday Duckett