CFSR Virgil Tedra 9717 250x250Thanks to the precision and reliability of the Center’s Quality Assurance staff (QA), South Carolina was allowed to conduct its own Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) this year. The CFSR looks closely at each state’s child welfare system and provides states with a baseline for measuring the improvement of the system.

Brenda Amedee, Senior Program Manager of QA at the Center, knew that her staff could handle the CFSR because they have a proven record of conducting thorough, competent reviews for the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Mary Ellen Nold, a personal service contractor who worked closely with QA on this CFSR, confirmed Amedee’s conviction. Nold said, “The feds wanted to give states a chance to use their own QA, and South Carolina was a good fit. It’s great that South Carolina has a system in place that supports this kind of rigorous self-examination.”

One of the challenges of conducting a CFSR is having to learn and use a required federal instrument to guide the review process. In working with the Center, Nold saw that QA was up to the challenge. She said, “I’ve seen the growth and development of the QA staff. They demonstrate a really good knowledge of the federal instrument.”

Amedee, along with everyone else at the Center, shares Nold’s faith in our QA staff. Their reliability and dedication to conducting thorough reviews make a real difference in our state.

(Pictured: Tedrea Wilson and Virgil D’Antignac, two of the Center’s QA Reviewers)