dssgrad 9629This month we would like highlight the work of two of the Center’s graduate assistants working at SCDSS’s Constituent Services Department. Briannea Hastie and Shayla Evans, both second-years at the College of Social Work, have been with the agency since the spring semester of 2015. Both graduate assistants regularly interface with clients whose families are in crisis, and in many respects, Briannea and Shayla are rare voices of hope for those who call in.

Constituent Services helps SCDSS clients access local services, and takes on the critical role of easing the flow of communication between clients and county offices. Briannea and Shayla have expressed that the two most important skills that they have acquired during their tenure at the agency are patience and empathy, and to perform with the grace and competence that they demonstrate daily means having a healthy dose of each. Briannea and Shayla agree that while the job is certainly challenging, it is rewarding, and they are excited to employ their expertise as they pursue careers in public health and medicine. 

Marilyn Matheus, the Director of Public Information and Media Relations, explained that graduate assistants can gain essential career-building experience from working with the agency: “If individuals pursuing graduate degrees in social work are truly interested in hands-on experience, they should look at an agency like DSS. There are a number of different agencies we interface with who do a lot of social work-type of services.”
Pam Bryant, the current Director of Constituent Services, explains that Briannea and Shayla “have not been part of menial, unrelated tasks—just the opposite. They have been involved in the most important part of our day-to-day work and have been a real asset to us.” Besides having access to hands-on experience and networking opportunities, Briannea and Shayla have become part of a close-knit team. Briannea even notes that the unit has become “like a family.”

Briannea and Shayla, both of whom graduate with their Master of Social Work degrees in May, have a lot to look forward to: Briannea wants to serve the community by getting involved in hospice care, and Shayla dreams of working in healthcare. The Center would like to extend its deepest congratulations to both graduate assistants for their dedication to South Carolina’s children and families.