Jodi Hill-LillyStrong leadership gets the best results and the South Carolina Department of Social Services is further strengthening its new generation of leadership to help children and families with the Leadership Academy for Middle Managers (LAMM), a national curriculum being implemented by USC and SCDSS. The goal is to empower leaders in the agency to lead with greater vision and enact real change within their teams and communities.

This training kicked off in January with an orientation session for the community leaders who have agreed to be coaches for the participants, led by two national level trainers who will be delivering the material, Jodi Hill-Lilly and Tricia Mosher.Katrina Spigner

A unique feature of the LAMM is the inclusion of coaches for participants. These coaches range from social work professionals and professors to business owners and leadership experts. Katrina Spigner of Re-Source Solutions, LLC is an experienced coach and social work professional who is serving as lead coach for the process. Ms. Spigner believes that the “coaching piece is the critical role to bridging between the day to day and reality, helping to connect what is happening every day to the future. Coaching helps the participants enlarge their perspective from a new vantage point.”

Specifically, South Carolina is doing something new to this national curriculum by including coaches from areas other than social work. Trainer Jodi Hill-Lilly believes that one advantage of this training is the ability to create a common language about leadership and change throughout the agency. She said, “By including coaches from outside of the agency, it allows the community to share a common vision for the welfare of children and families.”