marvitaRecently hired as the program coordinator for leadership development at the Center, Marvita Franklin, MHRD, believes that leaders in organizations like DSS and the Center can learn a lot about themselves, their employees, and their institutions from sports psychology. In fact, Franklin believes leaders can apply strategies that help athletes improve their performance to their own jobs, making them more effective in the workplace.

Franklin is especially drawn to the ideas of Dr. Robert Nideffer, a sports psychologist whose interactions with world-class athletes led him to discover four traits they have in common: focus, confidence, commitment, and adaptability. Franklin will be delivering a new training that looks at the ways in which these traits resonate with leadership. The first training of the series, “Leading Under Pressure: Adaptive Strategies for Enhancing Leader Effectiveness,” is being offered to Center leaders in December; the series will be launching with DSS in January 2016.

Franklin has vast experience with the material and has been a leader herself in various capacities. Before joining the Center staff, she served in the United States Air Force (now retired), worked for the Army coaching recruiting leaders to improve performance, and helped develop training curricula and materials for various organizations.

The first “Leading Under Pressure” training addresses the importance of being mentally tough and adaptive as leaders. Before this training, participants take the TAIS inventory (Theory of Attentional and Interpersonal Style), which helps them understand their personal strengths and vulnerabilities as leaders.

Future trainings will address topics ranging from strategic communication and coaching to decision making and organizational change. Franklin is excited to be on board at the Center and looks forward to developing and delivering these trainings in the coming weeks and months.