Due to the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the protection of the health and safety of South Carolinians, Center for Child and Family Studies staff members are working remotely. The best way to reach us is by email.

Looking CloselyIn our work, we closely examine systems and organizations that serve children and families. When we partner with a group or organization, our first job is to listen carefully to what they want to achieve and what they wish to overcome.

We listen to our partners in order to understand and reinforce their current strengths just as we help them identify gaps or negative trends. Together, we develop methods to understand current issues and make plans for future strength using evaluation and assessment. Close examination at the beginning of our process will ensure strong results as we design custom solutions for our partners.

With fresh perspective, you’ll be ready to move to our next steps as we help add value to your services.

We use an array of methods to look closely:

  • Quality Assurance case reviews
  • Needs Assessment
  • Training evaluation
  • Savvy Starts to launch Leadership Development
  • Program evaluation
  • Systemic evaluation
  • Comprehensive surveys, such as the National Youth in Transition database