“The Center’s way of working is thoughtfulness and preparation coupled with openness to new ideas and flexibility to rearrange and rethink. The Center’s work is also characterized by its overriding purpose: to do good work that honors the University, our partner agencies, and the children and families whose lives we touch.

Ultimately, we judge ourselves not only by our products but also by how we and our partners grow, learn and live out our life purposes as we jointly pursue various initiatives. May all be enriched.”

Lois Wright, CCFS Founder

Our Work

The Center’s vision is to be the leading center for professional development and capacity building in collaboration with local, state, and national partners dedicated to improving the well-being of vulnerable adults, children, families, and communities. Our work reaches across the lifespan of our community members, from infancy to maturity addressing the needs of individuals, families and communities in all their complexity.

Our Way of Working

Our way of working is also inseparable from our vision, especially that of teamwork. At the Center we function best as a complex, interdependent organism, with all elements working together in their own strength area. We believe that an organization does best when all teams meet in every stage of the process. Each specialist asks their own questions and each offers their solution to their piece of the puzzle. When an element or team is missing from the table, the work isn’t as strong. So we strive to seat everyone at the table to produce the best final product.

The Center seeks to be the point of contact for all facets of these worthy projects and the point of connection for national, state and local initiatives for vulnerable adults, children and families. We plan to continue to be the center point of new and on-going projects, trainings and initiatives that strengthen the vulnerable people of our state.

Meet us in the Center.