During the development process, we begin with the premise that learning happens through human communication and experiences. We create media to prompt critical and reflective thinking about attitudes and practices. Explore these samples of our award-winning multimedia projects.

  • Online Training

    The Center has demonstrated expertise in creation of online training that can supplement in-person training or stand alone. With a focus on performance, we create award-winning training that is engaging and meaningful.

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    SC DSS Child Welfare Documentation Training
    This online training won a Silver Davey Award in 2020.
    SC DSS Child Welfare Documentation Training Module 4
    SC DSS Child Welfare Documentation Training Module 6
    SC DSS Child Welfare Documentation Training Module 7
    Drugs and Other Illegal Activity Module in APS Worker Safety
    Drugs and Other Illegal Activity Module in APS Worker Safety
  • Media Campaigns

    Our award-winning media campaign materials begin with the value of maximizing our clients’ budgets. When we deliver our clients’ projects, we include the creative materials clients need for their rollout campaigns. With effective planning, we gather and create these assets as we produce the core project.

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    Recruitment and Retention
    Social media posts with quotations from child welfare case managers
    This campaign’s short videos won a Bronze Telly Award in 2020.
    Kinship Care Campaign
    This caregiver recruitment campaign won an AIVA 2020 Communicator Award.
    Awareness poster & 1 from a series of social media posts
    1 of 4 videos for website (3:30 min)
    Global Core
    Marketing materials created for Global Core won a Gold CINDY Award in 2018.
  • Short Sims

    We’ve included scenarios in our training for many years, and we’re adding to our toolkit with Short Sims training from Clark Aldrich. We enjoy the challenge of the Short Sim format and believe in the effectiveness of these brief simulations that throw learners into the decision-making process

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    Dual Loyalty Short Sim
    The Dual Loyalty short simulation can be used in demonstrations for healthcare providers to learn more about handling dual loyalty situations.
    Addressing Culture in Casework Practice Sim
    This short simulation helps case managers recognize bias and reflect on their own experiences.
    Dress Profesh
    The Dress Profesh short simulation is designed for use with youth as they navigate professionalism.
  • Animations

    Our award-winning animations can be used to increase empathy, teach interviewing skills, or facilitate critical thinking. Our Production Team has the high level of animation skills needed to produce nuanced animated vignettes for training, in which illustrated characters convey complex emotions in challenging situations.

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    Interviewing Parents
    Madsen/Randle Family Case Story Scene 3 Clip
    Trauma and the Brain
    This animated description of how trauma affects the brain won a Telly Award.