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The Center for Child and Family Studies

We seek to enhance the capacity of organizations that serve children and families.


The Center Wins a Gold CINDY Award for the Global Core Video Series

CINDY LOGO IP V6The Center created award-winning marketing materials for Global Core Strategies and Consulting in a unique partnership over shared values.

The Center Designs and Produces New Agency-Wide Civil Rights Online Training for DSS

WaitingRoomDSS employees have anytime-access to interactive training on The American with Disabilities Act of 1996.

Partners in Mission: The Center Supports Community Leadership Group with Custom Video

GC Web Ron and Mike Candid Courtyard copyThe Center and Global Core Strategies and Consulting support DSS leadership and each other.

Center Researcher Predicts Calls Reporting Mistreatment of Vulnerable Adults

neliseposterDr. Soto-Ramírez conducts study to forecast reports of mistreatment involving elderly and disabled adults.

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