Caryn Troxler

Quality Assurance Reviewer

Caryn Troxler conducts QA reviews for the SC Department of Social Services. The QA team at the Center for Child and Family Studies conducts QA reviews in an effort to ensure county adherence to SCDSS policy and procedures. In addition to conducting QA reviews, CCFS QA reviewers collaborate with SCDSS county staff, parents, foster parents, and other key stakeholders in an effort to promote a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to the QA process, facilitate discussions surrounding county-specific QA results and participate in an array of key stakeholder meetings.

Prior to her current role, Caryn worked for five years as Lead QA Consultant for Delmarva Foundation, a subsidiary of Quality Health Strategies. As an employee of this Nationally Recognized Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), she coordinated and conducted quality assurance activities for the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN), assisted providers in the development and implementation of corrective action plans, analyzed data and developed evidentiary reports for SCDHHS, organized QA orientations and trainings for approximately 90 providers of SCDDSN services and ensured inter-rater reliability among all consultants.

Caryn says her mission is to enhance the degree in which the CCFS QA reviewers agree with each other in their assessments and ratings of the various review instruments (Inter-rater reliability). Such a process ensures that state policy and county practices are accurately assessed and review data will be of a heightened quality.