Ebony Ligon

Instructor and Training Coordinator

Ebony is a trainer with CCFS for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Her team is currently working with DHHS to facilitate their Medicaid 101 training. In the future, we will also assist them with Training for their MAGI track (MAGI: Modified Adjusted Gross Income).

Prior to working at USC, Ebony worked for the Department of Health and Human Services for their Specialty Unit, where she assisted with developing the training manual and materials for the Adoption Medicaid Program.

Ebony has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mass Communications from Lander University.

Ebony says, “’Always be growing,’ whether it’s intellectually, spiritually or other areas of life, I believe there is always something new to learn. I also believe that when we learn it, we apply to different areas of our lives that allow us to continue to grow as an individual. I am motivated by this because I tend to approach things with a student mentality so I am open to experiencing change or learning something new that will help me to be the best I can possibly be.”