Due to the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the protection of the health and safety of South Carolinians, Center for Child and Family Studies staff members are working remotely. The best way to reach us is by email.

Miriam A. Lovett

Quality Assurance Co-Lead, Internal/External Reviewer

Miriam Lovett serves as a Quality Assurance reviewer of Foster Care and Family Preservation cases for the Department of Social Services. In addition, she also serves in a Lead or Co-Lead role on a rotating schedule. We are partner-based and evaluate the delivery and quality of the services being offered and provided to the children and families of SC. Also, we conduct case-related interviews with the caseworkers, children and/or family members that are identified in the case.

Miriam has a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College with a double major in Psychology/Social Work. In the 25 years following graduation, she worked in the field with adults with developmental disabilities as well as mental illness in day programs, residential and managerial capacities. During this time, she was also a DHEC surveyor in the ICF/MR facilities in SC and was the Quality Improvement Director at Crafts Farrow State Hospital ICF/MR. Lastly, prior to coming to USC, she was the residential director for a private, contracted provider for DDSN.

Miriam’s mission with USC at the Center for Child/Family Studies is to further enhance the quality of lives for the children and families of SC and as a result, improving their well-being and daily ways of life.