Information Design

Info Design

It doesn’t matter how dazzling an online module or video is – if it doesn’t change the learner’s practice for the better, then it’s not worth the learner’s time, or the client’s money.

Our work in Information Design is to create beautiful, memorable training that is set in the learner’s context. Contextual learning is performance-based learning: once you’ve experienced a situation virtually, you have much more confidence and retention of the skill to deploy in real life.

Using the SAVVY Start and SAM instructional design model, we get to the heart of the performance objectives and context in which learning should occur. We search for the stories that make up the context of our target’s work environment and we pull those out for a closer look. Sometimes the story is told by a comparison of data, sometimes through a video vignette, sometimes by a sophisticated interactive module.

Our work includes

  • multimedia development
  • online training development and delivery
  • web development
  • information technology
  • data display
  • graphic design

We can even help you make a PowerPoint deck more effective. We’ll match your project with the right media for its most effective delivery.

Our primary audiences are professionals in social work. We value the work they do as they serve vulnerable populations in South Carolina—the elderly, people with disabilities, families who struggle with poverty and violence, and especially children, who deserve to grow up in places where their creativity can flourish.

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