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Denetra Washington

Quality Assurance Reviewer

Denetra Washington is a Quality Assurance Reviewer with The Center for Child and Family Studies, where she serves as External QA Reviewer. The role of the External Quality Assurance reviewer is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the peer’s review of the 18 item Child and Family Service Reviews Instrument; to identify opportunities and offer ideas and counsel to improve their rationale for how the items are rated. The expectations of the External QA is to provide concise and adequate guidance and feedback in reviewing the work of their peers. The External QA reviewer serves as a consultant for the assigned team from the beginning of the case review until the case has been finalized. In addition, the External QA reviewer utilizes online resources, briefs, and FAQs (frequently asked questions) to provide case specific feedback to the teams, on-site leads, and/or management staff as required.

Denetra has worked with children and families for 18 years. During her years with the Department of Social Services she worked in the areas of foster care, OHAN (Office of Out-of-Home Abuse and Neglect), and the Child and Adult Care Food Program. She worked two years at the Department of Juvenile Justice working to rehabilitate female offenders back into their communities. She also worked for Community Long Term Care as a case manager for the elderly for four years and at Fort Jackson as the program manager of the sexual assault program for four years. She has 13 years of training experience in areas including sexual assault, loss and grief, and domestic violence. Ms. Washington earned her bachelor’s degree from Benedict College and her master’s degree in social work from the University of South Carolina. She is a gerontologist, a certified victim advocate, a certified adoption specialist, and a national sexual assault intervention specialist.