DeAnna G. Gray, LBSW, MS, CBIS

Quality Assurance Reviewer

DeAnna Reviews child maltreatment reports for DSS as a part of a Quality Assurance Review Team. She participates in all QA reviews including the Child and Family Services Review as well as Foster Home Licensing, Community-Based Prevention Services Providers, No Action Cases, Unfounded Cases and Strategic Reviews, and Out-of-Home-Abuse and Neglect (OHAN) Cases.  She serves in both the Lead and Co-Lead Reviewer role.

DeAnna has spent forty years in the field of social work with a passion specific to working with individuals with disabilities and special needs, in a variety of settings.  DeAnna also has previous quality assurance experience with the SC DDSN as well as federal quality assurance surveys with the SC DHEC. Additionally, DeAnna worked as a program coordinator with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury and the SC DDSN Head and Spinal Cord Injury Division. DeAnna’s early career was working with children’s services advocating for children and vulnerable adults, who were maltreated in Tennessee.    

DeAnna says, “Making a difference has been the core of my professional career. Working at the Center allows me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and families in our state on a macro-level to promote systemic change to promote quality of life.”

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