Beck Sullivan, MMA

Senior Program Manager, Curriculum and Information Design

As the manager of the Center’s Curriculum and Information Design team, Beck oversees the work of a talented group of development and production professionals. This team creates interactive online training materials, produces print, video, web, multimedia, and instructor-led training materials. The team also oversees the Center’s learning management system and supports the Center’s information technology.

Beck has extensive experience in the conceptualization and execution of multimedia used for education and training. Her work has won awards in various national and regional competitions. She has been recognized in particular for her success in bringing the voices of real people—children, victims, caseworkers, law officers—to training media. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of North Dakota and her MMA from the University of South Carolina.

“All our work is directed at supporting the professionals who assist our most vulnerable children and adults,” says Beck. “I believe when we’re invested and do our best, it’s a way to acknowledge and respect their work.”

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