Tiffany Benjamin, NRCCS

Business Title: Economic Services Training Assistant, Administrative Assistant

Tiffany Benjamin is an Economic Services Training Assistant in Administrative Support. She works within guidelines to maintain files for assigned training, performs assignments relating to registration and training preparation, processes travel reimbursements, and researches activities for the Center for Child and Family Studies.

She began her career as a Financial and Student Services Advisor’s Assistant in 2014 for a Technical College in Richland County. In that role she assisted prospective students in completing their Federal Student Aid Applications, administered Financial Entrance/Exit counseling, and provided Economic hardship counseling to aid in college enrollment and completion. She advanced to the position of Student Representative and Interim Bursar (Business Office Manager.) She managed financial accounts in collaboration with Registrar, and Finance support staff to resolve pending student applications. There she also administered campus business office bookkeeping, worked closely with the student re-enrollment committee, processed accounting procedures, and managed active students/graduate student account records.

Tiffany aspires to fulfill all commitments with professional integrity and respect by effectively communicating processing steps and instruction to ensure all administrative barriers are mastered. She desires to be an uplifting and motivating source of encouragement for the hope of others.