Child Welfare Basic Training Vignettes

The story of Brandi Martin and her two boys, 8 and 13, unfolds throughout Child Welfare Basic Training. New caseworkers use the 15 video clips to identify risks to safety, family strengths, sources of support, and conditions that must improve for the safety of the children. Brandi Martin's genogram.


Scene 1 Report (1 min)

Scene 2 Collateral Contact with Teacher (2 min)

Scene 3 Initial Contact with Child (2 min)

Scene 4 Initial Contact with Parent (2 min)

Scene 5 First Interview with Parent (4 min)

Scene 6 Caseworker Interview: Genogram (1 min)

Scene 7 Caseworker Interview: Grandmother (1 min)

Scene 8 Initial Investigative Staffing (3 min)

Scene 9 Followup Staffing with Supervision (1 min)

Scene 10 Case Planning with Family (3 min)

Scene 11 Caseworker Interview: Birthfathers (1 min)

Scene 12 Visit with the Grandmother (2 min)

Scene 13 Caseworker Home Visit (2 min)

Scene 14 Caseworker Interview: Case Update (1 min)

Scene 15 Case Evaluation and Closure (2 min)


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