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National Youth in Transition Database CCFS is helping SCDSS coordinate federally mandated surveys of youth in foster care to track independent living services provided to them.

Cognitive Task Analysis CCFS is pioneering the application of Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) in the human services field by partnering with SCDSS and David Feldon at the University of Virginia.

Poly-victimization of Girls Referred to the Justice System In an extension of our previous study of incarcerated women, we surveyed girls in the juvenile justice system to examine the relationship of victimization and service use to girls' delinquency or crime.

Violence in the Lives of Incarcerated Women Center staff interviewed women in prison and analyzed the data to trace the impact of violence on women’s involvement in crime.

Successful Adolescent Adoptions Through interviews with adoptive parents and adoptees, we have discovered some of the factors that contribute to successful adolescent adoptions and have made recommendations for services based on these findings.

For more information on research projects conducted by the Division of Research, Evaluation, and Emerging Community Issues, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Cynthia Flynn at 803-777-1378.

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