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Ongoing Initiatives

HABLA The Hispanic Assistance and Bilingual Access (HABLA) Project provides Spanish interpretation for the Department of Social Services (DSS) and translation for the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) as well as for DSS.

IQP Contractors Instructions tests and trains individuals who wish to provide Spanish-English interpretation to participating agencies.



Recent projects


“Inglés de sobrevivencia” (Survival English) for the SC Department of Education´s Migrant Education Program.

Survival English Audio (Listen below in MP3 format). Survival English was paid for by Federal funds and may be used or copied by the public with proper credit given to the Migrant Education Program at the South Carolina Department of Education. You can also listen to the audio files here.


Download Name Play Size Length
download Track 1

1.6 MB 1:46 min
download Track 2

1.1 MB 1:13 min
download Track 3

15.5 MB 16:57 min
download Track 4

9.6 MB 10:27 min
download Track 5

15.6 MB 17:04 min
download Track 6

6.6 MB 7:11 min
download Track 7

6.7 MB 7:16 min
download Track 8

14.1 MB 15:21 min
download Track 9

0.7 MB 0:44 min
download Track 10

0.5 MB 0:32 min


In 2009 we conducted the Comprehensive Needs Assessment of the Educational Needs of Migrant Children in South Carolina with The Migrant Education Program at the South Carolina Department of Education.

High School Equivalency Program (HEP) was a Grant funded program to help migratory and seasonal farm workers obtain the equivalence of a high school diploma.


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