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The Center’s Information Design Team put forth its talents to help The South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) with its rebranding effort. SCDSS launched a new website and released new communications materials as part of its overall rebranding.

The Center teamed up with SCDSS and Mad Monkey, LLC to assist with the web redesign. “Because of the great need for caseworkers and for foster parents, we first launched two microsites to target the agency’s recruitment efforts. This addressed the immediate need while the larger site was developed,” explained Beck Sullivan, Information Design Senior Program Manager.

The Center also assisted with other materials for caseworker and foster parent recruitment. “All of these recruitment materials needed to direct interested people to a website. That’s why we used the strategy of building the microsites first,” said Sullivan.

In addition to recruitment materials, The Center created an Agency Template Toolbox. This toolbox contains templates for presentations, agendas, “Save the Date” cards, announcements, flyers, and several custom image assets. “We incorporated their new logo and color palette into these materials. We tailored images for the agency’s different program areas and customized them so that they would coordinate with their website,” said Sullivan.

The new look has been used in all types of correspondence and has been integrated throughout the agency. Through this interconnectedness, all SCDSS divisions and departments are reinforcing the agency’s principles by working together to assist families in need.

Along with these changes, the agency is refocusing to achieve what SCDSS State Director Susan Alford calls her guiding principles: competency, courage, and compassion.

“With these guiding principles, we feel that we will be able to achieve a certain standard of work throughout the agency,” according to Marilyn Matheus, SCDSS Director of Public Information. The Center is proud to have contributed to this rebranding campaign, which encourages workers to embrace these principles and to find ways to strengthen South Carolina families.

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