leading1The day a carefully researched, written, designed and programmed training goes live is always an exciting time for Center employees. For the team working on the new Leading for Results in Economic Services supervisory training, that day was Friday, August 26, 2016. Team members high-fived each other, happy that all was running smoothly and learners were in the online environment, taking their first steps to new horizons of leadership.

Months before, our partner SCDSS asked the Center for a dynamic, engaging training for Economic Services supervisory staff around using the rich data that the agency gathers to help lead their teams to the best performance possible. The project team designed the online portion and the two-day in-person training as an integrated experience that teaches supervisors new and needed skills while also helping broaden their perspective, to see themselves as coaches to their employees.

Some of the Center’s greatest strengths are close partnership with our clients and then meticulous, creative development of online and in-person learning experiences. After a focused needs analysis and co-development with DSS partners, the Center designed a targeted online training to launch learners into in-person practice. This online set of interactive videos provides the crucial foundation for a two-day, in-person learning experience.

The in-person portion of the training focuses on skills practice with role-play. This training is an example of the Center’s focus on context-based training so that when learners return to work, they’ve already had practice, not just theory, in new methods and skills.  During the first day of training, supervisors examine ways to have critical conversations with workers to coach for improved performance. Between the two days of training, they have the opportunity to practice their new skills at the office. When they return for the second day of training, they work on polishing their new skills by workshopping their interactions.  Overall, they become more confident and able to lead workers to better performance, which means better service for South Carolinians.

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