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The Center for Child and Family Studies

We seek to enhance the capacity of organizations that serve children and families.


The Center Launches Hybrid, Data-Driven Leadership Training

MEPANew online and in-person training helps SCDSS supervisors use data to coach workers to best serve vulnerable clients.

The Center Launches Dynamic New Online Training on the Multiethnic Placement Act

MEPALearners jump into a foster care case! Their goal is to make the best decisions for the child, while complying with MEPA.

You Did It, Class of 2016!

ilgradClass of 2016 Celebrates Academic Achievement at the Fourth Annual Independent Living Graduation Ceremony.

Child Welfare Team Attends Gang Awareness Training

Safe ZoneLt. Rafael Gonzalez enlightens the Center’s Child Welfare Team in a heartfelt, engaging training on gangs.

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