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The Center for Child and Family Studies

We seek to enhance the capacity of organizations that serve children and families.



Economic Services Case Management Conference Offers Networking and Educational Opportunities

CCFS trainers and DSS leaders share policy changes and best practices.

Asking the Question

DSS and Catawba Indian Nation work together to serve Native American families in S.C.

Saying Goodbye to Our Graduate Students

gradsDr. Monique Mitchell's team of Graduate Assistants are on the move!

Habla Translators Achieve Certification

The HABLA project now boasts nine ACTFL-certified translators and one certified interpreter among staff.

Foster Care Licensing Gets a New Start

savvyThe Center and DSS meet to use the new SAVVY Start method to kick-off the new Foster Home Licensing initiative.

Youth Camps: Hands-On Youth Training!

Foster youth! Register now for FREE summer fun at Leadership or Sibling Connections camps! Transportation is provided!

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