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The Center for Child and Family Studies

We seek to enhance the capacity of organizations that serve children and families.


Center’s Quality Assurance Team Entrusted with Conducting Critical Reviews

CFSR Virgil Tedra 9717 250x250The Center’s Quality Assurance staff leads the federal Child and Family Services Review for South Carolina.

Research Enlightens Training Development to Improve Foster Care

OHAN Traci JeanSan 9760Center’s in-depth reviews result in high quality, practice-based training for those who protect children in foster care.

Center’s Agility Shines When Conducting Major Study

PNA CindyHeroThe Center conducts Placement Needs Assessment for SCDSS to improve the process of placing youth in foster homes.

The Center Launches Competency-Based Foundational Training

APS Competencies 9812The Center builds the capacity of Adult Protective Services (APS) case managers with an expansion of APS Basic Training.

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